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  • Videos


               How to raise successful kids - without over parenting

               Conscious parenting

           Kids, emotional control:

               "Just Breathe"

                Why do we lose control of our emotions?


               The gift and power of emotional courage

               My philosophy for a happy life

               Overcoming hopelessness

               Get comfortable being uncomfortable

           Teens, stress, and mindfulness:

               Under pressure, mindfulness for teens

               Teens talk about stress

               Stress and teens: what you need to know

           Adults, stress, and mindfulness:

​               How stress affects your brain

               Mindfulness, and how the brain works​​

               Generation stress, from surviving to thriving

​               The Power of Mindfulness: What you practice grows stronger


  • Websites

            Ross Greene's Lives in the Balance website. Explains his Cooperative Problems Solving approach for working with challenging kids

            Parenting and teaching with Love and Logic techniques

            Blissful Kids, easy and fun mindfulness activities for kids

            10 ways to teach mindfulness to kids, more easy techniques for starting a mindfulness practice with your kids

            The Child Mind Institute. Lots of great information for parents, kids, and teens with mental health or learning difficulties

            PSYCOM: The mindfulness guide for people too busy to meditate; and 6 common triggers of teen stress

            How to turn down our "what if" brain. What to do when fear, worry, and worst case scenarios seem to cloud your mind