Services for Parents:

Frustrated with parenting? Wondering which way to turn for some new ideas?Ready to bring the fun back to parenting?

There is nothing adults experience in their lives that is more important than raising a human being. Unfortunately, parenting has the ability to cause more stress, frustration, self-doubt, and uncertainty than just about any other aspect of life. All parents will, at some point, find themselves questioning their own parenting abilities. They will wonder what approach to take, feel embarrassed and overwhelmed with their child's behavior, and feel that they must be the source of their kid's frustration. If you are experiencing the stress and struggle that surfaces at times during parenting, or you are just looking for some new tips and ideas, our services can help. 

What are parents saying after attending parenting seminars and workshops conducted by Steve Barcanic?

"I felt Steve was excellent. He was calm, caring, humorous, and had answers for any scenario".

"Steve was easy to listen to...we could really relate to him".

"Wonderful class...Steve is very knowledgeable."

"After 2 weeks of practicing empathy and positive feedback my son just came up to me and said 'Mom, I love you. You are the best Mom.' And he didn't even want anything."

"Steve is really easy going and fun. I like Steve's style of presentation. Thank you for the great class".

"Steve is empathetic, understanding, and funny...and easy to understand".

"This class gave my wife permission to give herself a break...and to notice that she really is a good Mom".

For more information about the parenting seminars, classes, and groups offered by Creative Counseling Solutions, please contact Steve Barcanic at 520-531-1934 or e-mail

Based on the techniques from Parenting with Love and Logic® as well as other successful approaches, parents can receive support through...

Private Parent Coaching

Private, 50-minute sessions designed to expand your parenting toolbox with techniques and tips to meet your specific challenges. In these sessions, Steve will help you assess your parenting strengths and needs, and will assist you in prioritizing your goals so you are not overwhelmed with trying to change too many things at once. When you begin to see progress with your new tools, other goals can be set and you will receive support tailored to helping you achieve success.

Parenting classes and workshops:

3-week parenting workshops are conducted several times each year. They are held in various locations in Tucson and are open to the public. These workshops help parents better understand child psychology, what it means to be a leader within your family, steps to improve communication with your kids, how to set limits without power struggles, tips to avoid arguments with kids, sharing control on your terms, guiding kids to own and solve problems, applying effective consequences, and much more. Parents will quickly notice their relationships with their kids improve when they have simple, effective parenting skills, and a plan to put them into action. 

Customized parenting seminars:

Interested in having a parenting seminar presented at your site? Customized parenting seminars can be designed to fit the needs of your group, organization, or school. They can be tailored to meet your topics of interest, time frame, and budget.

Parent support groups:

These small, 4-week groups help parents apply the Love and Logic tools to specific challenges they face. With a maximum of 6 parents per group, this is a great opportunity to get more individualized support as you begin to put the Love and Logic techniques into practice. One group will be designed for parents of children grades pre-K through 5th, and the other will be for parents of "tweens" and teens.